Looper Reinforced Holster Belt



Looper's reinforced holster belt. Our holster belt is made of full grain leather outer, full grain leather liner and has a kydex inner liner that allows the belt to be flexible enough to be comfortable, but rigid enough to support the weight of a holster and any other accessories that are needed by the law enforcment professtional or anyone with a concealed carry permit. Comes standard in 1 1/2" width.

Belts are sized in actual inches around your waist. DO NOT GO BY THE SIZE OF YOUR PANTS! If you measure around your waist (without a holster or another belt on) with a tape measure and you get 38 inches, then you would order a size 38 belt to accommodate either an IWB or on the belt holster. This same size is still appropriate for wear without a holster, however the tail of the belt will be a bit on the longer side. Our belts come with seven holes. Based on this measured sizing you should have the ability to tighten your belt by two holes or to lengthen it by up to four. Hole spacing is approx. 1".

Price: $55.00 ($60 - Shipped)

28" to 48"
50" to 60" Add $10.00
62" to 68" Add $15.00
70" to 80" Add $20.00

1 1/2" - 1 1/4" Normal Price
1 3/4" Add $10.00