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West Virginia Concealed Handgun License Training - Helpful Links Page

West Virginia Reference:

Are you a Prohibited Person?
WV Prohibited Person Definition
WV Reciprocity Info
WV CHL Application
WV Provisional CHL Application (18 - 21 Year olds)
WV CHL Requirements and how obtained
WV 2017 CHL Handbook
WV - Right of certain persons to limit possession of firearms on premises 5C
WV Off Limit Locations - Page 6
WV Constitutional Carry Bill
WV Castle Doctrine
WV Castle Docrine
WV Use of Deadly Force

Federal Reference:

Federal Prohibited Person Definition
ATF Federal Prohibited Person Definition - Page 9
Private Sale Laws by State
ID Requirements under Brady Act
ATF Top 12 Questions
ATF Info for Non Licensees
ATF Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide
(TSA) Transporting Firearms and Ammunition
(TSA) What Can I Bring on an Airplane?

Second Ammendment Groups:

West Virginia Citizen's Defense League (WVCDL) Concealed Carry Page
NRA Home Page
Join the NRA - Save $10!

Online Dealers:

Davidson's Gallery of Guns
Buds Guns

GSTK, Useful Forms and Misc:

Bill of Sale For Private Sale Of a Firearm
+P Ammo Info
Bullet Types
Caliber Discussion
The Nations Gun Show (Northern Virginia)
Misc Firearms Manuals
The Truth About Guns

Cheap Ammo:

Ammo Seek
Lucky Gunner (Cheap Ammo)
Freedom Munitions
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