Process for the Transfer of a Firearm

P3 Group, LLC has a Class 1 Federal Firearms License and can provide transfer services for any Class 1 or NFA firearms.

The inbound transfer fee is $25 per firearm, cash or check (sorry - no CC), paid before we initiate the background checks.

Please contact me BEFORE you have anyting shipped

The process is as follows:

  1. Purchaser validates (Here) that they are authorized to purchase a firearm
  2. Purchaser buys the firearm online
  3. Purchaser contacts P3 Group, LLC and provides specifics of the transaction
  4. P3 Group, LLC communicates with the seller - exchanging FFLs and any other relevant information
  5. The seller's FFL holder ships the firearm to P3 Group, LLC
  6. Upon receipt, the purchaser meets with P3 Group, LLC (Identification Required) for ATF paperwork and NICS background check

If delayed, P3 Group, LLC retains firearm until approval or denial is received (Appeal Process)
If denied, the firearm is returned to the seller (Appeal Process)
If approved, the buyer receives the firearm (Add firearm to personal record)

If you need to return your firearm to the manufacturer, P3 Group, LLC will also handle the round trip shipping and transfer for a reasonable fee. We will charge a single $25 transfer fee plus outbound shipping costs. Some dealers charge an outbound transfer fee, shipping, and an inbound transfer fee.